“No one will wait for you”, was a phrase I heard a lot in my childhood. But the thing is, maybe I want to be left behind.

I might be a slow learner but I’ve learned a lot and I won’t forget a single thing.


In the speed of this world,

My body was warm and lonely.

I could hear my heartbeat,

And a lot moving across me.



Life was like a wind,

Years passed.

I am still right here,

Unchanged, untouched from all the rush.



In the midst of all the rush of life,

He looked at me.

A broken soul,

He saw in me.



Instead of picking me up,

He walked past me.

Instead of a pity face,

He smirked and mocked me.



I don’t blame him,

For he was true to himself and to me.

In this world filled with masks,

There was someone aloof, someone true.



via Daily Prompt: Evoke



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