One Last Ride

With this fire I was born, With this fire I will go down. I wanted this blog (being my last one) to be special for me, so I decided to write something different, and the next moment turns out I'm on a memory lane, thing that started it all for me. My first piece of... Continue Reading →


Until we meet again

All I can say is thanks to all that have been a part in this journey. I have learnt a lot from this, all I wanted to do was inspire, or just touch lives, a platform to express my feelings and I got a lot more than that. I have earned a lot in these... Continue Reading →


    He could see her in the corner, Sitting in the dark.   Her eyes moist, Ready to flood the world with those eyes, Words that could change the way everyone thinks.   A concealed heart, Never shown what it really was.   He couldn’t help but walk to her, Trying to show empathy.... Continue Reading →

Careless Mistakes

  I don’t deserve forgiveness, You were right that I’ve wronged you. All I’m asking from you, Is to not give up on things because of me.   I have been wrong at times , Giving up on you was a mistake , Letting you down was the second , But the biggest is to... Continue Reading →


When I see around me, All I see are masks. No one true to who they are. Everyone trying to follow the people at the top   When I see around me, I see these people, Anger filled in their eyes, Hearts broken inside.   When I see around me, I see enmity inside us,... Continue Reading →

Fire in HER

She was the beauty of your eyes, You inspired her all your life, And now when she needed you, You left her.... The society defamed her, She looked up to you, But all you did was leave her alone. When all she needed was a shadow to support. All she wanted was freedom, A dream... Continue Reading →

Eternal Sleep

  I opened my arms, And felt the coolness of the air pass through me, I was at the top of the world. Rubble near my feet fell down the cliff, And it was the only thing to be heard, I leaned forward to watch the never ending fall.         The end,... Continue Reading →

Where will I meet you

  Your hand is what held my life, Your smile is what made my heart skip a beat, These pretty blue eyes make me admire you. That amazing voice is what woke me. Its all a beautiful mess when we talk.     The place where the sun and the sky meet, I will wait... Continue Reading →


  "No one will wait for you", was a phrase I heard a lot in my childhood. But the thing is, maybe I want to be left behind. I might be a slow learner but I've learned a lot and I won't forget a single thing.   In the speed of this world, My body... Continue Reading →

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